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Why Use Simulator Training?

Simulation based training is achieved by putting yourself in real life simulated situations to become a better shooter. The Training Software Pack offers the most effective, safe and practical way to teach and evaluate shooting competency and knowledge retention. In addition, the virtual firing range is so enjoyable to shoot on that people tend to accrue much more trigger time reinforcing their skills.

This kind of training is so effective because when you combine performing physical tasks and cognitive processing in environments that are similar to the real world, a shooter naturally improves proficiency and judgement. Only through the use of this system can this kind of learning via direct virtual experience achieve the same kind of benefits that real life experiences would normally provide, at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to providing real life situations and scenarios our shooting simulators offer increased training benefits through the use of teatherless weaponry. Mobility is a key component in firearms training, all of our systems offer the ability to use a multitude of weapons, while being 100% mobile. This simulator provides an effective, relevant and realistic learning environment for shooters.

Book The Simulator

1 Hour for 2 people, only $50.

Buy as many hours as you want. Use them up to 12 months after purchase. *Must call to make reservations.  Appointments available 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

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