How to get your HQL, Step by Step

Step 1 – Take an HQL Course with a registered Maryland State Police Handgun Instructor.

You will receive a Certificate with a QHIL number on the bottom left-hand corner. Ex: QHIL-####-####

Step 2 – Get Fingerprinted.

IMPORTANT: From the time you get your fingerprints done, you have one year to apply online for your HQL. If you do not apply after one year, you will have to get your fingerprints again.

Your fingerprints will cost around $50.00
(For Utah CCW, this will be an additional $30.00)

You will receive a receipt that has a Tracking Number.
You will use this number soon!

Step 3 – Apply Online.

This will cost an additional $50.00 to the State of Maryland. Have QHIL Number and Tracking Number handy.

Go to

On the top of the page click on “MSP LICENSING PORTALS”.

Click on “create your MSP account.

Go back to the MSP LIcensing portal on and click on “HQL Portal”

77R Application
After you receive your HQL in the mail, you must now fill out a 77R application before purchasing your handgun. Have your HQL card handy. This will be an additional $10 to the state of Maryland. You must fill out a 77R form for every handgun purchase.

Go to

On the top of the page click on “MSP LICENSING PORTALS”.

Click on 77R Portal

You will have to create a new account that is a separate account from the one you already made to get your HQL